Open Source Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard

Performance, Comfort & Health For Gamers

The first gaming keyboard designed to fulfill the needs of today's gamers.

The project's missions


Increase Comfort and Performance

Our hands and fingers need to move less. We reach the keys faster and we stress less our hand muscles, tendons and joints.


Reduce Repeptitive Strain Injuries Risk

The ergonomic design stops harmful wrist movements, reducing the risk of injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


No Barriers, Higher Quality Products

The project is Open Source. The designs, electronic schematics and software will be freely available for everyone to modify and use.

Shortcut's Key features


Hand Shape Design

Different size adjustable columns to adapt to your fingers length.


Split Keyboard

Keeps your wrists straight and gives more space for the mouse


Thumb Cluster

Five keys per thumb and no more wrist torsion when using the modifiers.


Fully Configurable Layouts

Rebind any keys and create multiple layouts to adapt to your language preference and games you play.

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Shortcut Ergonomics: Hand-Wrist Articulation

Computer users end up having injuries caused by bad ergonomic posture and non-natural repetitive hand movement with their regular keyboard.

The hand-wrist articulation is a very complex one, with a widerange of movements and lots of potential injuries caused by awkward positions and repeated movements.

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Shortcut's development team


Luis "Deilor" Sevilla

Founder and CEO
Former professional poker player and eSports coach.


Manel Senis

Product manager
Product manager passionate about design and manufacture processes.


Matthew Venn

Electronic Engineer that loves prototyping and music.